Best snorkeling in the Caribbean for underwater photography

Caribbean - Saint Lucia

Definitely not recommended for snorkelling photography

In St Lucia good snorkeling locations seem few and far between.

Less to photograph in St Lucia than with easier access, better visibility and less driving in Grand Cayman, (plus much more hospitable people there and more to do).

In St Lucia the prevailing wind obviously is from the East but sufficient seems to curl around and to come down the West coast to reduce the underwater visibility at the snorkeling spots there.
Even dive center managers are ignorant of the need for weight belts for snorkeling photography.

As we couldn't find any dive shops, even in Castries, our snorkelling photography was severaly hampered by the lack of belts.

St Lucia is a geologically beautiful island - mountainous, scenic with rain forests.   Unfortunately, every old truck, car, fridge, stove etc has been abandoned to add numerous rust eyesores.

Outline of St Lucia - with the three major snorkelling photography spots shown in yellow

Outline map of St Lucia
There are other places but those shown are apparently the 'big' three.

At the Windjammer Landing resort in Labrelotte Bay (North of main town of Castries - asterisk) even dive centre said snorkelling was pointless there.   So, lent weights and taken by boat to a small cove just North but ...   a few rocks, poor visibility and few fish.   Very disappointing for all.

Hired a car, drove North to Pigeon Point from the Windjammer resort, but strong winds, white horses etc. so, didn't get in.

Then drove to the much lauded Anse Chastanet but the dive centre manager refused to rent weight belts.   Apparently they aren't necessary!!!
'Short' drive to Anse Chastanet takes nearly two hours (from Labrelotte Bay) on mountainous road but breathe taking scenery - including rain forest.

The snorkel there is covered below, but after the dive my wife was accosted while taking a photo.

We drove to Anse La Raye but it looked far to 'local'.   After being accosted, surly beach security guards, two disdainful unhelpful dive centre managers, we started to take notice of the two-finger signs being directed at us as tourists in an old hire car.

We were frankly too scared to take a risk for somewhere (Anse La Raye) that is probably no better than Anse Chastanet.

Windjammer Resort
asterisk - Windjammer Resort- Labrelotte Bay
Built in and on a steeply sided bay - views are special.
3 restaurants - food is OK and 2 bars - local Piton lager is good to my taste.
Beach is fine and generally a good, albeit not
in-expensive, place to stay.

Fruit seller in boat
Windjammer Resort

Pitons Grand Pitons
Views of the West Coast

Driving along this West coast needs care as is mountainous but reward is the views - including rain forest.

Soufriere rainforest ib St Lucia

The entrance/ turnoff Road to Chastanet
The road to Anse Chastanet

Turn off from main road is shown as can be missed.

Then, a very 'long' 2-miles.   As there is a hotel at the end there is a good chance of encountering oncoming vehicles.
Chastanet white sign
The 'long' last 2 miles
dir road to Chastanet

Towards the right end of the beach
French Grunt
Anse Chastanet

A snorkeling area is buoyed off to the left of the beach.
Do not venture outside the buoys.   The game for some speed boat drivers is to see how close they can pass the buoys at full speed.   It is unnerving to be snorkelling and down just a few feet away.

Apparently is another snorkel spot at the right end.

In many places there were few fish.   To the right is a nice exception.
School - mainly of Sergeant Majors
School of sergeant Majors

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