LCD Magnifier Finder or Shade - Essential for snorkeling photography

Avoid the grey - see the LCD screen

The LCD Magnifier Finder or loupe hood solves this problem - a 'must have'

A bright screen is a must but the best still can't cut it in shallow waters in the tropics

A grey LCD screen was the bane of my underwater photography, but no more.

The LCD Magnifier Finder or a viewer loupe for the underwater housing has sorted that.   A 'must have'.   There is also a very cheap DIY solution.

In the tropics, only two or three metres down, often the sun shines on the camara's screen.
Even on land in the UK on a bright day that screen can be grey if the sun shines on it.

In choosing your camera seek one with a good, big, bright screen.   Still usually an LCD.
Turning the brightness up helps (but in my experience not enough) and drains the battery.
Checkerboard wrasse
Also, extra heat generated can cause the camera to fog.   Setting the camera to turn off when not clicked for a while can be a fiddly solution.

Many initially, don't have time during a snorkelling dive to compose the shot.   With more experience, you will probably compose underwater.

Whether composing or not, you need to be able to see that your subject stays in focus.

It or you move, perhaps with a bit of current, surge, or it swims.   An out of focus shot looks awful.

The solution is an LCD Magnifier Finder

The LCD Magnifier Finder as can be seen, is a magnifying lens (loupe) and hood in one.

Pretty inelegantly, the 'universal' version attaches with cords or elastic to the housing.

It simply slides onto the Olympus XZ-1 housing but, stupidly, it slides off just as easily underwater as you swim around!
So, whatever the model, you need to attach with cords or elastic.

Forgive that this makes it look so naff.  It is brilliant.

Bought from mailorder Divevison for $70 plus delivery.   If not currently available, type 'loupe for underwater camera lcd' into Google.

A less good, but cheaper, DIY alternative to the LCD Magnifier Finder or loupe hood

Small hood
If not the LCD Magnifier Finder, then a DIY LCD hood for your underwater housing is essential.

One of the main reasons I chose Olympus over Canon.   Olympus housing has a little shade (left).   It turned out to be far too small and so useless.

Enlarge their shade with pond liner stuck on with silicone sealant.   Pretty inexpensive,
(use a few clothes pegs to hold while sets).
Sorted!   You can see the settings and the subject.
Large hood

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