How to Snorkel for Underwater Photography

Before going in - for some snorkeling photography

I know - you want to get in - hang on

Camera's memory is empty of previous shots.
    Made setting adjustments you will want:-
  • selected 'white balance = underwater'
  • ISO 200 (or a bit higher)
  • shutter speed or aperture priority
  • (priority shutter speed 200 for me)
Flash 'off' or if 'on' and popped 'up'.
External diffuser attached.
Underwater housing interior is dry.
Housing lens clean.
O-ring is clean, sitting snugly and greased.
Camera in housing.
No straps etc. in housing door/ properly closed.
Filter (if internal), - is clean and in the housing.

Seen people come ashore then jump about with their head to one side, trying to unblock their ears?   Entertains the landlubbers.

'Earol Swim' - prevents swimmers' ears - it does.   It's natural.   Just contains olive oil so no harm.   One squirt in each ear.
Earol natural olive oil
Earol for SwimEar

Phantom bannerfish
Covering - don T-shirt (be careful as when wet offers virtually no sun protection), thin neoprene vest is better.

Waterproof sunscreen on all exposed parts.   Especially on back of neck, head (or wear a cap,) back of legs - really important - and arms.   Also on your back if only wearing a T-shirt!

The more covered - less sunscreen, fewer scratches and more warmth retention so a thin neoprene vest makes sense.

How to snorkel
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