Where to snorkel - comparison of four areas of the world

Snorkeling in Fiji, The Caribbean, The Maldives, The Red Sea

Resorts, plus the snorkelling, are covered in each of these areas

The Caribbean - a varied destination
  • convenient/ inexpensive - from Americas
  • varied visibility as weather passes through
  • both corals and fish less abundant than elsewhere (although good down South ie Bonaire and Curacao)
  • still loads to have fun with though
  • ashore offers much to suit most people
The Red Sea - arguably the best balance for snorkeling
  • healthy, varied corals and abundant, varied fish
  • usually good visibility and current tends to be OK
  • convenient/ close for Europeans
  • ashore can be disappointing plus...
  • there often seems to be a problem such that the food doesn't necessarily agree with some of us

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The Maldives - numerous small atolls
  • fit the bill of the idyllic 'getaway' tropical island
  • small, so if you are restless, you will soon get bored
  • ashore - often a 'Kindle' type of destination
  • often little nightlife
  • quite a distant and expensive place for Europeans
  • huge journey and cost from the Americas but
  • in the right places, the snorkeling is awesome
  • good visibility, although currents can be strong
  • varied and abundant fish and corals
Fiji -(based on only two offshore destinations)
  • quite easy to drop South from the Americas although still a long and expensive trip
  • even longer, expensive trip for Europeans, plus major jet lag
  • coral, in places, is awesome - probably the best
  • fish less abundant than Red Sea or Maldives
  • visibility good and current usually not major
  • ashore probably varies regarding activities
  • both our resorts were quiet at night

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