How to Snorkel for Underwater Photography

Minimising water leaking into your mask

So, I shave my moustache before snorkeling photography hols - OK, that's extreme

various Chromis
I presume a dive shop advised how to select your mask, (push lightly onto face - breathe in slightly and slowly.   Mask should stay on?).

Boys can have trouble with mask leakage if let a moustache overgrow.

It's easy for girls to have some of their flowing locks stuck under the mask's edge or skirt.

So, best not to share a well-fitting mask, although it can seem mean.

Usually it's a matter of surfacing, checking for an obstruction (hair, cap etc.) then simply fiddling by repositioning the mask slightly.

Often you never really know what was wrong but if it's dry in that mask again then don't worry about it - focus on the fish.
Sleek unicornfish
For a small, slow but annoying leak, raise your head slightly above the vertical so water is at the bottom of the mask near your nose and gently breathe out.

Blow hard and saltwater splashes into your eyes.

You can do this easily and quickly.   No need to surface.   The noise and bubbles can surprise the fish though and scare them off.

How to snorkel
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