How to photo edit underwater pictures - the basics

6 - alter saturation

saturation is altering the intensity of colours (or hues)

photo edited without saturation
Photo edited without saturation
Try increasing the saturation a bit.   This alters the strength of the colours.   Altering vibrancy alters palers colours more whereas saturation alters the strength of all colours.
photo edited with saturation
Photo edited with saturation
Note the difference in the colour of the sand in the lower left corner and the blue on the fish.   Don't overdo the saturation tool.
It's very easy to end up with some bright, artifical looking thing.

The picture below is  + colour balance  + 10% contrast  + 10% vibrancy
Altering the saturation is simply a matter of dialling more or less in, using a scale or similar
Original with colour balance, 10% contrast and 10% vibrancy photo + colour balance +10% contrast + 10% vibrancy
saturation increased by 10% with 10% increase in saturation

saturation increased by 20% with 20% increase in saturation
saturation increased by 30% with 30% increase in saturation

It's doing nice things to the coral but too much and the fish will be all yellow - I'll go for 10%
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