Best time of day to snorkel

better activity levels early in the morning versus midday

maximum activity with the benefit of a clear, visible LCD screen and good light angle

Shot early in the morning (an hour after sunrise) at Angsana Ihuru in the Maldives.

This guy was very active and quite aggressive.   The few attacks (bites) are believed to be cases of mistaken identity of swimmers and waders as prey and none have been fatal.

Unfortunately the camera had a lot of zoom on but he was travelling so fast in my direction there was no time for adjustments.

Compare the shot above with the normal 'middle of the day' shot to the right.
A totally different fish.   The shark doesn't seem to be feeding, is rather timid and swims away.

The angles are all wrong for a good looking shot.   Boring as the shark is facing the wrong way.

blacktip reef shark during the day

A big plus of early morning or late afternoon dives - the best LCD visibility and activity

8am or 9am in the tropics is still only an hour or two after dawn.   Again late afternoon ie 4PM, you will have a clear LCD screen.

Another bonus.   At cross-over points of night to day and vice versa, some night critters are about.
Plus, the day guys are busy feeding rather than worrying about you.

Plankton rises from the depths to feed at night, which attracts small fish and they attract big fish.
Powderblue surgeonfish
Some plankton can be slow to dive when the day breaks, so the plankton feeders are still feeding when you pop in for your pre-breakfast dive.

In the early or late sun, no worry about limited light.   The camera copes just fine.   The sun angle is less 'flat' which is good as it gives added profile and depth to the photos.

It's an active time on the reef which is a plus, on top of a beautifully clear LCD screen - win win.

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