Results of Snorkeling Photography

Checkerboard Wrasse - from a shallow snorkel

Colours retained because this little guy was shot in extremely shallow water ie so near the surface

Chequerboard wrasse
Checkerboard wrasse

Halichoeres hortulanus
Maldives - Hembadhu - Vivanta
Which digital camera and settings
Fujifilm Finepix F70 EXR - Auto - No flash - F3.3, 1/480 sec, Iso 100, Focal length 5mm

For the shot above this doesn't count as a dive.

This is more snorkelling virtually at the surface with a camera.   It was in about 2', ie less than a metre down.   Did we even need to breathe through the snorkel at the time?

Being so near the surface, even though the camera lacked adequate colour balance settings, the colours were retained.  So, there's a good range of pinks, yellows and greens.
Above, the surrounding rocks did look like that.   It was not the most photogenic area.

To the right, a shot with a camera with 'white balance = underwater' setting.   Important.   No colour saturation or vibrancy has been applied.

The fish to the right was shot at a greater depth than the one above, but still shows that a basic camera can perform well in extremely shallow and well lit water.   But not in deeper water.

P7/7 - first underwater photos
from an overly simple camera
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