How to Snorkel for Underwater Photography

Getting in - getting wet

go on - be fair - give the landlubbers a laugh

No rules here.   A lot depends upon what you are entering ie nice, gently sloping sand or a rocky area, calm versus waves etc,

The 'smoothies' try to find a jetty, or similar, kit-up then jump in or do a back roll.   Others put their get in and 'dress' in the water

Some get all kitted out on the water's edge then they either walk in backwards - sometimes falling over a rock or into a hole.
Or, walk forwards, looking like a constipated duck.
Either of the last two provide good comic relief for the landlubbers!

Usually having walked in with fins on, there is grit or sand in them so you have to take them off, rinse and put them back on anyway.

Check the housing is properly sealed at a few feet, then after your first dive to a few metres.   Surface and check it (keep checking it regularly).

You've been under.
Is your mask sealed? Amazing how many times a well-used, well-fitting mask, needs slightly repositioning, sometimes even well into a dive session.

Next, any current?   Look at the bottom and check the current.
Look ashore to get a bearing.   Is there a tree or a rock or something so you can keep track of where you are drifting and swimming?

Is your shirt still tucked into your shorts or bikini bottom?

Very easy to get very sunburnt there.

How to snorkel
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Underwater housing check