Please add your own 'favourite' for best snorkeling

Please help create a useful underwater photography resource

This is where we need your help - to add your places

1 - to my mind a good place is where can just wander in and snorkel.   Want to avoid places where only way to snorkel is off a boat.

Off a tour boat can be fun but is no use for serious underwater photography snorkeling.

You are diving up and down in the same place to get your shots while everyone else swims off.
I have seen a laggard nearly left adrift in the middle of the Indian ocean.   Counting guests back on board wasn't a high priority.

Need some internet access to help identify all we have photographed.

We don't want other people's timetables, tours etc.   We want it simple.

2 - a dive centre is useful to supply non-specific gear ie if you use lead.   I don't want to be lugging lead on a plane (but now do just that to be sure after problems in Lahami Bay and St Lucia).

The dive centre will also advise on where to go, currents and probably will have more fish ID books when your book is missing something.
various corals
3 - nice if it covers visibility/ clarity, although clearly this will vary.

4 - state of the coral nice to know.   Coral adds to the photographic possibilities.   Also, a shame to get a stunning fish against dead coral backdrop.

5 - the fish - abundance and variety

Button - Other things
Hopefully Hembadhu is a good template.

A sketch map is just fine .   We don't need a work of art.
One clear reference point please, such as a jetty.

Obviously, please show the best snorkelling areas.   Nice if you can also show OK areas and the poor areas.

This is intended to become a helpful resource section for snorkelling photographers.
Please, draw on a map or do a sketch to show your suggested places and points of interest, take a picture of it and email.

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