Summary of where to snorkel in The Maldives

Best in The Maldives

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Best Snorkeling in The Maldives
Ellaidhoo - Chaaya Reef - recommended from most points of view
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Night snorkel picture of coral
Chaaya Reef - good value for money, holiday destination and good for snorkelling photography.

Visibility usually good.   Access easy - wander in off steps.

Fish much better than the corals - guided night snorkel a 'must'.

Medium sized resort - restrained evening entertainment.   Can stay longer here than smaller islands.

Best Snorkeling in The Maldives
Filitheyo - Highy recommended from all points of view
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the Filitheyo pool
Filitheyo - ticks all the boxes as a holiday destination generally and specifically for snorkelling photography.

Visibility very good.   Access easy - wander in off beach at the designated entry points.

Like swimming in an aquarium - fish very good.   Corals ok/ good.

Medium to large sized island (for Maldives) so, 7 - 10 days good.
Filitheyo_outcrop which attracts numerous fish

Best Snorkeling in The Maldives
Hembadhu - (Vivanta by Taj – Coral Reef Maldives) - Highly recommended
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parrot fish schooling while feeding
Hembadhu - ticks all the boxes.

Visibility usually good but can be spoilt if windy - clears quickly.   Access easy - wander in off beach.

Well-defined, small, choice areas - very good fish - in the right areas is like swimming in an aquarium.   Corals better than Filitheyo.

Very small resort so 5 days suited.
entry can't get easier

Best Snorkeling in The Maldives
Ihuru - (Angsana Ihuru) - Very highly recommended
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the Angsana Ihuru jetty
Angsana Ihuru - ticks all the boxes (but at a cost).

Visibility usually good - except on west (by NW) side of the island.   Access easy - wander in off beach.

Excellent house reef - corals best I've seen in The Maldives.    Good fish from reef and drop-off.

Small island, modern luxury resort fits well with island - excellent, friendly service.
Powderblue surgeonfish

Best Snorkeling in The Maldives
Banyan Tree - (Vabbinfaru) - Recommended
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the Angsana Ihuru jetty
The Banyan Tree - ticks the boxes.

48 villas - established, luxury resort on small island.   5PM feed of stingrays a feature.

Access easy - off beach or either of two jetties.   Visibility usually good - except on west side.

Good night snorkel helped by excellent guide - all sorts of critters and usually, nurse sharks.
Good fish and impressive table coral formations.
Lobster photographed on night snorkel

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The Maldives - Hudhuranfushi - North Male Atoll - Not recommended for snorkelling photography
apparelty, a typical vista
Hidhuranfushi - ticks none of the boxes with regards to the snorkeling photography.   Approximately 30 minutes boat ride from Male town.

Picture shows a typical beach.   Very shallow so almost too shallow to swim in most places.   Dark patches are seaweed concealing small, sharp rocks - so footwear needed.

The designated snorkelling area was adjacent to the main landing pier, a few hundred years to the left of this shot.
Was not a very large area, (maybe 200m x 300m), maybe 4-5m at its deepest.

I didnít try it as when I enquired, they said to come back in two hours when the current had abated.

I never went back - especially as warning signs of the currents abound.

Another guest said it was ďOK, but it didnít take long to explore the whole thing and there werenít that many fish.

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The Maldives - Kandooma - (Holiday Inn Resort) - Not recommended for snorkelling photography
shot when taken on the free snorkelling trip
Kandooma - ticks none of the boxes.

Warning signs re currents abound.
Took a short group boat trip to official snorkelling spot.   Poor visibility, very few fish but corals OK (picture on left).

Buildings not very ethnic.

Main beach in lifeless bay with poor visibility while we were there.
might be fine for a holiday, but for snorkeling, no

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Best snorkelling in The Maldives
Ellaidhoo - Chaaya Reef