Best snorkeling in the Caribbean for underwater photography

The Caribbean - Bonaire

In The Caribbean - the friendliest people?, probably the top snorkeling.  A calm, small, and semi-arid island.

Firstly, we got our timing totally wrong.   Avoid the rainy season.  We expected, passing heavy showers.   So wrong!   Heavy, yes.   Passing, no.

So, mostly the underwater light wasn't good.

Even though the banner shot above was only taken in a metre of water it still needed flash!
We are big fans of Nicole and Galen and their eBooks.   For them, Bonaire is a favourite Caribbean destination.

We made it to only two of their favourite spots, on Kleine Bonaire (plus two they didn't recommend elsewhere ), because of the weather.   Still, Kleine Bonarie is clearly special.

Playa Santa Cruz
and here comes the rainy season
approaching Kleine Bonaire
the waterfront at Kralendijk town
Playa Lagun from snack bar on cliff
water taxi to Klein Bonaire

Twenty minutes ride on a water taxi ride from Kralendijk, which is the main town (white 'K' on map below), takes you to Kleine Bonaire ( 'KB' on map).

You could be occupied there for quite a few hours over a few days, as it offers several places with good snorkelling.

We think it is probably the best in The Caribbean, despite seeing it in the rainy season.

The fish seem quite tame, possibly reflecting that it is a well protected marine reserve.   French angelfish, are quick to hide under overyhangs, but at Kleine Bonaire they actualy swim towards you.
Normally the water taxi goes to 'No name beach' (Buoy A)'.  Fine.   For only $2 more, drop your dry gear/ towel etc. off there and hop a ride clockwise to buoy B and hop into the water.

Really there are two dives.   Buoy B and its surroundings are superb with great visibility.   An hour or two there and the only thing to get tired will be your camera's battery.

Then, there is an hour to an hour and a half drift dive back to buoy A.   Visibility was variable, but in normal conditions this drift would also be very good.

At times the weak current reversed.
Both sites offered snorkelling in less than two metres of water, or swim just a little further out and be on the side of the drop off.

Little detail is needed because at Galen and Nicole. in their eBook, have done all that, plus, plus.   I buy their ebooks for my own use and have no fnancial association with Galen and Nicole.

The books are accurate, detailed, and written totally with snorkeling photography in mind.

Buy the eBook first, if you are going to Bonaire, or any other area they cover.

Bonaire outline - with some snorkeling spots and points of interest shown in white

The Washington national park 'N. Pk' is a large area, well endowed with wildlife.

The 'K' near the top shows Karpata bay.

It looked very worthwhile under normal conditions, plus a nice drive there so you see a bit of the island.

'KB' is the big one - Kleine Bonaire, which presents several sites.   It has an interesting history and must have been very beautiful when it was covered in trees (unlike the current scrub).   Now it is a very well protected marine reserve, and it shows.

'Kr' is the main town of Kralendijk, which is fairly small but we found a number of good restaurants.
Map of Bonaire showing snorkeling places and points of interest
Lac Bay, shown by the 'L', sounds like a completely different place which we would have loved to have been able to snorkel.

It's a world-reknown, semi-inland, windsurfing site (on the side of the island exposed to the trade-winds).

Surprisingly, apparently, there is good and very different snorkeling to be had here.

Part involves snorkeling amongst mangroves which sounds different and fun.

Before you go, do buy Nicole and Galen's eBook covering Luc Bay and all of Bonaire's top snorkeling photography places from .

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Best snorkeling in The Caribbean