Snorkeling Photography - white balance

Can photo-editing sort white balance in underwater photos

Not well enough if the photo is poor to start with is the simple answer

Long-nosed butterflyfish - shots from a poor camera can be improved by photo-editing but not well enough

Long nosed butterflyfish - original photo
original photo - no filter - auto white balance
dull, flat and dominated by the blue
Long nosed butterflyfish - after 'one click' edit
simply one click software correction.
better but not at all good

Long nosed butterflyfish -after white balance correction
On the left, the photo from the basic camera has been improved by using software allowing specific colour adjustments.   Better colours but still this awful blue-grey and it looks very artificial.

Blue-grey dominates the photo with brownish coral or rocks.
It looks artificial and washed out.   Certainly not good enough for a canvas print to hang on the wall.

As an aside, software can't replace colours lost by the camera.   Much editing involves removal of selected colours.

So, PaintShop Pro corrects white balance to an extent but not enough.   PhotoShop might be even better, but why not spend more on the camera than better editing software?

Which camera for snorkeling photography
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Are filters sufficient to sort white balance