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Best Snorkeling in Fiji - West Division - Mamanuca Islands
Matamanoa Island - stunning hard corals in one particular area, OK resort
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the Northern beach with best coral point highlighted
Matamanoa Island resort - (in the Mamanuca group), has one area off the Northern beach, where the hard corals are simply stunning.

Access is off the beach.   Visibility was usually good and current wasn't an issue.

Avoid the rainy, cyclone season even if just to avoid the humidity.

The resort itself is a bit tired but is being completely renovated (2014).   The new villas are pure luxury.   Perhaps prices will match.

Best Snorkeling in Fiji - West Division - Yasawa Group
Paradise Cove - luxury resort, off-the-beach snorkeling OK
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seaplane departure from Paradise Cove
Paradise Cove resort - in the Yasawa Group, is North West of the main island.   Seaplane travel is fun and advised if the wallet can cope.

A luxury resort with a very laid-back air and good service.   The villas are huge.   Food is OK.

Snorkelling off-the-beach is OK.   There are nice pockets of hard corals but relatively few fish.   Access is simple.   Visibility tends to be good and the current is very manageable.
various hard corals in a typical 'pocket' amongst boulders

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Best snorkelling in Fiji
Matamanoa Island - Mamanuca Islands