How to photo edit underwater pictures - the basics

4 - alter contrast for more dramatic, sharper looking photos

Personal taste but I generally think increasing contrasts adds 'drama' - photos are less flat

photo edited without contract
Photo edited without contrast
Increasing contrast adds more 3-D effect to the shot and apparent 'drama'.   It's a personal choice.

Increasing contrast often tends to appear to sharpen the image.   Things appears to be more in focus.
post edited with contrast
Photo edited with contrast
Usually altering the contrast is simply a matter of dialling in more or less contrast in, using a scale or similar (often + 10 to 15%)

Contrast isn't always good.   It can highlight backscatter.   In some shots there is already enough contrast.   So, experiment.

picture after colour balance correction original photo after improving the colour balance
contrast increased by 10% with 10% increase in contrast

contrast increased by 20% with 20% increase in contrast
contrast increased by 30% with 30% increase in contrast

Close call.   Opted for 10% as tend to try to under-do things to retain a natural look when increasing contrast.

How to photo edit
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