Photo editing underwater pictures - the basics

7 - sharpening a snorkeling photograph

as you are moving (swimming) when you shoot - improving apparent focus or sharpness usually helps

photo edited without sharpening
Photo edited without sharpening
'Sharpening' a snorkelling photograph improves apparent focus and gives a big gain.   Can boost even after 'clarification'.   Photo above has clarification of 25%.   Note the eye before and after.

You will have been moving.   The fish may have.   The light is less good than on land and the camera can be confused as to exactly where you are trying to focus if the subject is small or moving.
photo edited with sharpening
Photo edited with sharpening
Sharpening cannot fix a blurred, out of focus shot.   It improves rather than fixes.   If your software offers 'unsharpen mask' it works well.   Otherwise sharpen by whatever is on offer.

Most advise to resize your photograph before you sharpen, especially if you are going to print it.   Essentially sharpening is the last thing to do in the photo editing flow.

The first left-hand picture below is:-   + colour balance  + 10% contrast  + 10% vibrancy   + 10% saturation.
Original with colour balance and 15% contrast + colour balance +10% contrast + 10% vibrancy + 10% saturation
sharpened or brought into more focus after sharpening (using 'unsharpen mask')

original after only a bit of cropping what we started with
the final photo the final photo

I think it was worth it - perhaps it's each to his own - depends - are you going to print your picture?
final corrected picture
photo editing - sharpening a photograph
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