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Vivanta by Taj Coral Reef resort - Hembadhu island - The Maldives

A small, quiet island recommended for snorkeling photography

Vivanta by Taj in North Male atoll is an hour's speed boat ride from Male airport.

Is a small atoll.   5 mins walk from one end to the other.   We liked it but 5 days was about right for us.   One restaurant, one bar, two jetties.

Current varied and we took notice of it.  Possibly stronger than normal as experienced persistent winds when were there (Dec 2011).
Visibility, while have seen better, was certainly good enough.   We imagine it would be excellent in better weather conditions.

House reef with one particularly good area where from depth of just a few metres, there is a drop-off from which larger fish appear.

Small but sufficient area where coral was doing well.   Both good number and good variety of fish.

Access is as easy as it gets.

The lookout tower is just visible at the end of the pier (centre of this picture - the grey speck way in the distance).

From the pier, enter at the third sand retention wall (clockwise).

Good coral starts at about 15 metres out - further out is the drop-off
Best was the area clockwise of the point from which you enter.

When calm - anticlockwise - to and under the pier well worth a visit.

In lagoon, created by artificial rock walls.

The one day we went in this lagoon, we were surprised by a very strong current.

Fish OK but not spectacular compared with favourable area
and this lagoon area was very sterile-looking environment with dead coral.   Saw no reason to go in there again.
Dive centre advised against snorkelling outside the protective walls due to current at the time.

Said to be worthwhile in the right conditions.

Dive centre also advised against snorkelling around the rear pier area while we were there.

But don't think were that lucky weather-wise.

Apparently good in good conditions.
Hembadhu Map
In settled conditions, was a very large number of fish schooling under jetty.

Main jetty to 'good area' - OK, quite good coral further out - visibility not quite as good as 'good area' - (shown on map).

Good coral starts about 15 metres out -A little further out is the drop-off.
It's tough but someone has to do it.

Accommodation and food good - WIFI available (but costs).

Note the easy access.   The 'good' snorkel area is only about 50 metres to the left.

Link to Vivanta by Taj Coral Reef.

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