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Snorkeling photography consideration - Weight Belt

For me the biggest difference for gear for snorkeling photography versus snorkeling on its own - but...

I like them - you mightn't.   Opt for safe

You seen snorkellers wearing weight belts?
Weight belt
Me neither but, then, how many snorkellers take close-up photos of fish, corals and stuff?

Weights allow you to descend easily and:-
1 - maximise your dive
2 - approach the fish on 'their' level
when they feel least threatened
3 - stop shooting to the surface as you pause:-
a) - to focus the camera to take the shot
a) - to compose the shot (at least a bit)

Weights have to be applied gradually, one at a time, until the buoyancy is right.

Positive buoyancey at the surface is a must.
Negative buoyancy is dangerous especially as your buoyancy decreases with depth.   Positive at the surface turns negative as you descend.

Use the quick-release clip on the weight belt if you feel at all uncomfortable.   The belt does impede your swimming and you are more important.
It's worth paying a bit more for a belt with pouches for easier adjusting of the total weight.

If weights seem unsafe, don't use them.

Turn your shutter speed up for a better chance of a sharp shot even if you are moving.

Look for subjects where being on their level is less important.   There is plenty of different stuff to shoot down there.
Weight belt

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