Summary of where to snorkel in the Caribbean

Best in The Caribbean

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Best Snorkeling in The Caribbean - Bonaire - very highly recommended for snorkelling photography
terrific people, Klein Bonaire possibly the best in The Caribbean for snorkelling
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Bonaire - the island of Kleine Bonaire could be a destination in itself, with several places to snorkel.

A well protected, marine reserve.

Despite hitting the rainy season (avoid), we think normally this would be one of the top Caribbean destinations.

A laid-back place, in which we enjoyed the food and the people.

Best Snorkeling in The Caribbean - Curacao - recommended for snorkelling photography
friendly people, beautiful coves, especially up North, plus picturesque Willemstad
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Curacao - iguana
Curacao - many good and varied snorkelling places.   Some have very easy access, others a bit harder.   Beautiful coves up North.

Small island so drive end to end about an hour each way.   Semi-arid island with cacti and scrub.

Very friendly and helpful people.

Good choice of accommodation.   Willemstad for bars, restaurants and most other things.
Pink coral in Grand Cayman

Best Snorkeling in The Caribbean - Grand Cayman - recommended holiday destination and for snorkelling photography
a busy island (western side), not very scenic but loads to do
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Grand Cayman - Fish
Grand Cayman - many places to snorkel.   Easy access, often separated by a short, easy drive. Snorkelling is not quite up to that of Bonaire and pehaps even Curacao, in terms of fish and corals.

A flat island - scenically a bit boring above the water.   Busy and built-up on the western side in particular.   Not an island retreat but you wont get bored.

Good choice of accommodation, bars and restaurants.
Pink coral in Grand Cayman

Best Snorkeling in The Caribbean - Saint Lucia - Avoid
very poor snorkeling, unwelcoming people, geologically stunning island ruined by garbage
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St Lucia_Pitons
St Lucia - a beautiful, mountainous island made untidy.

Very few good snorkelling spots separated by lengthy, often tortuous drives (but very scenic).

Bonaire and Curacao offer better snorkeling and friendly people.   The best St. Lucian spots offer often less, but nothing over other Caribbean destinations where:-
  • access is easier and...
  • sites tend to be separated by easy drives
St Lucia - Sergent Majors and Yellow Barrel coral

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Best snorkelling in The Caribbean
Bonaire - Southern Caribbean