Best snorkeling in Fiji for underwater photography

Paradise Cove Resort - Naviti Group - Yasawa Islands - Fiji

Recommended as a luxury, get-away holiday destination with reasonable underwater photography

This is a small, luxury resort (20 villas in 2014).   One bar and one restaurant.   Staff are brilliant.   'Fiji-time' here means 'now'.

Get there from Nadi via a longish boat trip or, better to take a deep breath, empty your credit card, and go by 20 minute seaplane if you can.

Food is OK.   No live TV but free and good, WIFI everywhere.  Take your own fish and coral identification guides.
the band

map of Paradise cove
Water very warm so no wetsuit needed.   Long-sleeved, snorkelling top recommended to reduce sunburn and the infrequent jellyfish stings.
Thwarted by three days of rain (Feb 2014), we focussed our two remaining dives 'off the beach'.

Entrance was easest in front of villa 35, as further South has more rubble, rather than sand.   Dress and swim out at 450 towards the end of the groin.

Initially poor, visibililty becomes good further out.

The current increases towards the deeper middle channel but was fine at snorkeling depths.

Corals improved as well with current and visibility.

Overall the corals appeared to be healthy but tended to grow in patches.
They weren't, but they almost looking planted, surrounded by an algae-covered rocky bottom.

See the pictures below to see the effect.

With the exceptions of Chromis and Fiji blue-devils, fish weren't overly abundant.

Overall, reasonable rather than exceptional off-the-beach snorkelling.

However, there were many more places to explore ie further South of the groin and across on the adjacent island, (had we had time).

The hotel was willing to do snorkeling trips.

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