Best snorkeling in Red Sea for snorkeling photography

Red Sea - Egypt - Sharm el Sheik

Not the very best in The Red Sea but recommended for snorkelling photography - wide choice of resorts in tourist atmosphere

Sharm El Sheik - borders the Red Sea.   20 minutes by taxi from the airport.   Very popular tourist destination.

Although Lahami Bay is better for snorkelling photography, Sharm el Sheik is still good and is a more popular holiday destination in The Red Sea.
Weather - hardly ever rains.   Very hot during Northern summer but nice in the winter.

Amazing corals, good and varied fish.

Current - no suprise as runs either right or left.
Visibility is usually very good indeed.

Sharm beach
Access is as easy as it gets.

Off the beach unless is too shallow or off your hotel's pier.   About 20 - 30 metres to the

Hotels try to keep you to 'their' area - but aren't insistent.
jetty access

Go to Sharm El Sheik for the corals as much as for the fish

Sharm coral picture 1
Sharm coral picture 2
Sharm coral picture 3

Sharm coral picture 4
Sharm coral picture 5
Sharm coral picture 6

Sharm coral picture 7
Sharm coral picture 8

Photos above and below were taken by a first timer to snorkelling photography who used a Lumix DC Vario compact - in a bag!!

Stayed in the Ritz Carlton, (Om El Seed Peninsula) having booked very late and got a very good price and good food!
Picture Surgeonfish tail
Picture Seargent_majors
Picture Surgeonfish

pictire - Sharm town
In Sharm El Shheik is considerable choice but accommodation and food vary.   Select with care. Drink bottled water and avoid ice in drinks.

Sharm has varied land activities, tours etc.
Also boat trips, para-gliding and night life.   Contrasts with quiet, one-resort, Lahami Bay.

Both are good for snorkelling photography due to the corals, visibility and fish.
pictire - Sharm pool

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