How to Snorkel for Underwater Photography

Trying to get close enough to shy fish

this is the fun part - this is what makes snorkeling photography interesting

It either drives you crazy or it's why you enjoy the challenge of this snorkeling photography and 'one-breath'.

One of perhaps a dozen shots.
He could play this game for longer than me.
Round the coral he went each time I dived.
Often the photo just showed the tail.
Compared to others, this shot was good.
Finally - dived down on opposite side of coral.
Focussed on another coral as probable distance.
Held shoot button half-way to retain focus.
Swam around coral and snapped - instantly.
No great photo but I know what it involved.

Sums up the beauty of the challenge of snorkeling underwater photography.
1 - swimming with slow movements and avoiding waving arms about can help
2 - swimming parallel to a fish, rather than directly at it, sometimes helps with
spacer a gentle turn of your upper body only, just at the last moment, to get the shot
3 - staying in the same area, even around the same coral or outcrop
spacer can lead to fish getting used to you and becoming bolder
spacer it might take quarter of an hour to get your shot but that's the fun of it
4 - many fish are disturbed by diving directly down upon them
spacer with many it seems to be better to dive several metres away and...
spacer to approach them swimming horizontally on their level
5 - with shy fish, a 'burst' of shots may pay - you may only get one chance

6 - other times you try to outfox the fish that dives behind the coral as you approach

- wait for your fish to hide, then swim around the other side, dive down with your camera totally at the ready

- focused at the distance you anticipate photographing your target by using another object (which is likely to be at a

  similar distance to your fish) for the camera to focus upon (keep that shoot lever half-pressed to hold that focus)

- then swim around to where your quarry is and shoot immediately - sometimes you get lucky doing this and - it's fun
How to snorkel
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