How to photo edit underwater pictures - the basics

5 - altering vibrancy - usually adding more colour (to the muted colours)

increasing vibrancy essentially increases the intensity of muted colours - not all

usually we have lots of muted colours when snorkeling
- corals, algae, sponges, rock, rubble

photo edited without vibrancy
Photo edited without vibrancy
If your photo-editing software offers this, try it out.   Vibrancy is like saturation, except vibrancy is more selective and affects muted colours more than already intense, strong colours.
photo edited with vibrancy
Photo edited with vibrancy
At 30% have overdone the vibrancy to show what it does.   The fish's blue, white and yellow have strengthened but the dull green background, pinks and left coral colours have strengthened more.

The left-hand picture below is:-   + colour balance   + 10% contrast
Altering the vibrancy is simply a matter of dialling more or less vibrancy in, using a scale or similar.
Original with colour balance and 10% contrast original photo   + colour balance   + 10% contrast
vibrancy increased by 10% plus 10% increase in vibrancy

vibrancy increased by 20% plus 20% increase in vibrancy
vibrancy increased by 30% plus 30% increase in vibrancy

Not sure this is adding anything here.   Sometimes it works a treat.   I'll just go for 10% (do I want any?)
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