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Many people - myself included - go for 'dry' snorkels which have a valve at the top to prevent water entering when under

Dry snorkels sound excellent, and generally are, but kow about the position of the snorkel tube.

When you are swimming along - head down - your snorkel tube is straight up - at 12 o'clock.
Image - snorkel at the vertical
But, when you come up from a dive, head up, your snorkel tube is level with the water - (3 o'clock). or
If you put your mouth slightly up,
the tube can be pointing slightly downwards - (4 o'clock') with the valve beneath the surface.
So, you try to draw a breathe in and the upper valve is closed and you panic a bit.

The snorkel is doing exactly what it is meant to.

As long as you understand what is happening, dry snorkels work very well.

Oceanic Ultradry is the one I use
but there is quite a range now
so ask your dive shop.
Snorkel - parts labelled

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