Summary of where to snorkel in The Red Sea

Best in The Red Sea

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Best Snorkeling in The Red Sea - Egypt
Lahami Bay recommended for snorkeling photography more than a holiday destinaton
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coral garden in Lahami Bay
Lahami Bay - might not be the ideal overall holiday place but it ticks most (all?) boxes for snorkelling photography.

Visibility very good, unless windy,   Access - just wander in off beach.   Excellent coral and good variety and abundance of fish.

Onshore can disappoint
- self-contained, isolated, large resort - mainly couples - little nightlife.
Other niggles - mosquitoes, dysentery and no other English.

(thanks to Jonny Ward for this contribution)
Best Snorkeling in The Red Sea - Egypt
Sharm El Sheik - Recommended - wide choice of resorts
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a typical seascape
Sharm El Sheik - ticks most boxes for snorkelling and underwater photography.

Visibility usually very good.   Access is easy, wander in off beach or more usually, hotel pontoon. Good coral and fish.

Choose hotel carefully as some resorts are less good than the sea.
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Best snorkelling in The Red Sea
Marsa Alam, Lahami Bay