Results of Snorkeling Photography

Blue green chromis (Green Pullers) in natural habitat

When the compact camera is too basic - a Fujifilm FinePix F70EXR - an early snorkeling photo

school of blue-green chromis - like swimming in an aquarium
Green Puller | Blue green chromis
Snorkeling photo of Damselfish Chromis viridis in the Maldives - Vivanta by Taj Coral Reef resort - Hembadhu island.
Proof that a camera can be too basic for underwater photography/ snorkelling photography - the colours here just aren't right.
Better gear costs very little more as camera's improve (see better results from the Olympus XZ-1 in other Maldives destinations).
Fujifilm Finepix F70 EXR - Auto - No flash - F3.3, 1/360 sec, Iso 100, Focal length 5mm

Focusing on small fish and white balance (again)

You don't need to be a great diver.   These Green Pullers were shot only a few feet down, swimming primarily amongst finger coral.

Due to the lack of depth, the Fujifilm Finepix F70 EXR camera has retained more reasonable colours, than if it had it been deeper.   Nevertheless, the blue background isn't right.
And, there is still an overall, unpleasant blue hue due to lack of correct white balance.   Even as shallow as this, the camera needed the 'white balance = underwater' setting'.

In common with many small fish in a school, it can be difficult for the camera to determine where to focus.  It often picks out coral or similar.

Contrast the banner shot above with the same species shot with a camera with good white balance capabilities

Blue-green chromis over coral
Contrast the appearance of the Blue-green chromis when shot with a camera with decent white balance capabilities.

Left, over coral, albeit not the same coral as in the banner shot at the top of this page.

To the right, a shot towards open water to compare with the upper portion of the banner shot at the top of the page.

Note the lack of overall blue hue to the left and how the fish stand out from either background.
Blue-green chromis towards open water

The Blue-green chromis

Chromis viridis - loads of English names - blue green chromis, green chromis, blue green damselfish, blue green puller etc. etc.

I've artifically made their green more intense by photo editing so that they are more obvious in the photo to the right than they actually were.

Widespread throughout the Indo-Pacific.   Only grow to about 8cm.
It prefers somewhat sheltered waters and occurs in large schools, usually over reefs of Acropora corals - feeds on phytoplankton

The blue green chromis dive into these corals when feel threatened in an apparently orchestrated manner.

Quite fun to see when you, the snorkeler, is the perceived threat.         ----->
blue green chromis hiding

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