Camera and Underwater Housing for Snorkeling Photography

The Underwater Housing should be specific for the camera model

A poor housing will compromise a good camera

The 'must haves' for snorkeling:-
a) underwater housing specific to camera model
(gives access to all camera controls/ menus)
ie ability to use the zoom
ie control of, and access to, the flash
(sometimes want no, half or full - flash etc.)
b) a shade for the (LCD) screen
(essential but can buy separately)
Not nessarily the housing made by the camera manufacturer:-
a) the housing has to be made for your camera
ie for the specific (exact) model
b) not necessarily by the camera manufacturer
c) Ikelite make very good, expensive, housings
- they are made for specific models
- give access to most/ all menus/ controls
- are very good

The underwater housing can be too basic

Underwater Housing - a simple approach
Only two buttons - doesn't get much simpler
(but it's too simple/ basic).
spacer 2 Underwater housing
Seashell SS-1 or SS-2

Seashell SS1 housing
1 - presses the camera's on/ off button
2 - half pressed the other button focuses the
    shot and fully pressed, it takes the shot

The housing is strong and the opening and closing lock is easy but secure.   Its not leaked with me.   The side grips are good.

The SS-1 and SS-2 each cover several types of compact camera so it's robust and simple.

But, a housing giving access to zoom and flash button is essential.
Haven't mentioned the cheaper camera bags for use underwater.

Our first and only one flooded the camera.   Perhaps we were just unlucky.
picture of flooded house

Which camera for snorkeling
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Ideally camera has 'white balance = underwater'